The Tree Spirit

Roots of this project

After several years of creating Vertical Dance buildings, my strong rapport with nature inspired me to try it in trees. I wanted to experience new sensations, particularly flying around a tree.
My perceptions are stronger than my rational thoughts about trees. It is a living being. It was there before me and It will be there after me. I don’t want to hurt it. It seems to be strong but it is fragile, vulnerable. Nobody hesitates to cut it down to build their house. Do human lives mean more?  Do we have the right to kill them?

When I see a tree, I would like to caress her, to listen to her, to love, honor and protect her. I don’t want to use her just for my floor. I feel her soul. I would like to guide the audience to caress her, to listen to her, to love, honor and protect her with me.

I hope that we can come together in unison to protect trees and recognize that we are all the children of the Earth.

The Tree Spirit:  a duet with tree and dancer, a poetic hymn to nature

This hymn to nature begins with a walk through the forest, guided by a Forest Spirit. He will lead the audience into his world and show them the beauty and the fragility using the senses: touch, smell, sound and sight, helping them discover that in this place everything has a spirit. He is an intermediary between the Tree Spirit and the human spirit. He helps connect one to the other. He will lead the audience to the Tree Spirit.

The TreeSpirit appears once a year to invigorate the tree with energy from a ceremony. But this year, the ceremony doesn’t work. The spirit has cared for and nurtured the tree, but the tree is still suffering. The Spirit will invite humans to go into her world. She is going to heighten their awareness and open their hearts. She will invite the audience to lend their positive energy to help heal the tree.

The show ends with a distribution of seeds, real living seeds. The audience leaves with a present, a precious gift, a source of life. The seed symbolises the desire and urgency to rebuild life on our planet, to rebuild the forests, to reconnect with the magic of life.Children and adults receive them with starry eyes: there’s magic in these seeds!
The eternal cycle of life.

More informations

  • All audience
  • Duration: 25 minutes dancing +  The walk led by the actress depending on the environment: from 15 to 30 minutes
  • With a dancer and an actress. Possible only with the dancer. In foreign countries , a local actress could perform instead of our french actress. The script must be learnt beforehand and plan at least 2 days of rehearsal with the dancer and the local actress.
    A cultural mediation workshop is recommended in order to prepare accomplices who will join in the final participatory dance and thus encourage the audience to join in too. This workshop is essential if the dancer is alone (without the actress taking over the role).
  • Music : Armand Amar, « Lost girls » by Lindsey Stirling ,  « Seeds » by Camille
  • Workshops are suggested : dance in the nature or creating with plants : it’s possible to create the costume of the actress during a workshop : participants become co-creators and eco-creators.

cultural mediation workshops

Dance in nature workshops led by Isabelle Pencréach, the choreographer and the dancer

The aim is to awaken full awareness of being in an exceptional environment, to awaken emotions and feeling of fullness and joy, to awaken childlike pleasures (rolling in the grass, swinging, hiding…), to feel the union  with nature physically and emotionally, then socially.

We’ll start by connecting with our senses: feeling the warmth of the sun, the coolness of the air, the support of the earth, the strength of the Wood : we’ll marvel at a flower, an insect, the immensity of the sky, the shapes and movements of the clouds.

Breathing, which starts small, will spread throughout the body, creating movements; the wind will carry us, make us fly. The earth will be our support, our refuge. The trees will be our playmates, our confidants.

Nature is ispiring, it will help us to let the spontaneous, the intuitive, the natural come inside of us.

Then we’ll join in with the group and finish with an energising vocal and dance ritual and a ritual of gratitude and respect for nature. If the workshop takes place before the show, it will also prepare the participants  for the final dance, which invites the audience to dance for the tree.

We’ll enjoy a beneficial experience for body, heart and mind in union with nature and  other participants.

Practical information :

Audience: adults / possibility of children aged 6 to 12 accompanied by an adult. No previous dance experience is necessary, but participants  will need to be able to move around on natural terrain.
Duration: 2  hours
Langage : French or English. A translator would be greatly  appreciated.
Number of participants: between 5 and 20.                                                                                                                                 Space : Make sure  that the space is isolated (no pedestrians passing by) so that participants feel free to express themselves without fear of prying eyes.

Creative workshops using plants, led by Oranne Mounition

Working with plants is a school of life: we learn  that nothing is permanent, everything is movement and transformation. It engages us to respect the environment: we  pick plants  with respect, we don’t pick protected species…

It generates a return to our roots, reawakening our links with our ancestors and with the Earth, who provides us abundance.

We become “eco-creators” by breaking away from the consumer society.

Depending on the age of the participants and the plants used, the workshops can focus on jewellery making, wreath making, make-up, accessories or complete costumes.







Practical information :

  • children aged 6 and over, teenagers and adults
  • Duration and number of participants: depending on the age of the participants. They include part of the picking. Examples of proposals :
    1 full day (6-hour workshop) for up to 6 adults
    Workshops for children aged 6 and over: 1h30 for 6 children
    Continuous workshops throughout the day
    Intergenerational workshops: 10 participants
    Workshop to make the actress’s costume during a 5-hour workshop for 3 adults maximum. This workshop must be held no later than the day before the show. Participants become co-creators of the show!
We are committed to the environment

This creation is meant to honor trees, nature, our planet and our universe. It is an invitation for the audience to become connected with their environment, to love respect and protect it. This isn’t possible without a deep reflection on our environmental impact.

Our first concern was: will we hurt the trees on which we are going to anchor? Jean-René, our rigger and pruner (when necessary),  has a diploma from the ONF ( National Office of Forestry). He answered: “The weight of the dancer applied to a tree at an angle of less than 30° is insignificant compared to a strong wind perpendicular to the trunk, or compared to the weight of a branch. The dancers are like a feather compared to these natural forces.  Our whole purpose is to protect the trees. “

Costumes and Accessories: The evidence shows that we should limit our environmental impact by using recycled materials ( used costumes, remnants of fabric, old newspaper, boxes, pieces of wood_) and natural materials. The artist Cécile Ciaramitaro realized this with the students of Gattières’ elementary school. Our goal is to inspire children to be creative with up-cycled, reused and repurposed items in the creation of art and in their daily lives.

Transport: The choreography has been created at home -no driving,  no pollution.



Rêverie Vertical Dance

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