The Company  is born under the impulse of Isabelle Pencréach, a contemporary dancer and teacher.

I discovered  vertical dance on a video  of « Snow- white  » by Angelin Preljocaj. He introduced a little sequence of vertical dance inside the contemporary ballet. It was so magic, the feeling of  suspending  time of weightlessness : I felt my body,  my face, my mind,  relaxing. I felt like I was in a state of levitation.My dream became to share  this feeling with others.

I would like to add positive energy to the world, to express beauty and love. I hope  to touch the hearts of people, because it’s by touching hearts that the world will become a better place. This is my humble quest.

Isabelle Pencréach.

She offers a partnership to Dominique Hédoux, former high level gymnast and rock climbing  guide. They will discover this new world of verticality together and create « The thread of love » .

She then received other commissions, one was for Christmas show, and one was for a show built around  classical music with a soprano. She felt  this music so deeply that she  really enjoyed putting it into dance. Fly in the air seems natural, time slows down thanksto the magic of the dance and the complicity of the two dancers. 

Vertical dance moves every audience: from 18 months who are captivated, agape, to men and women who can be touched to the tears.  Although we are not telling a sad story, they are moved by the beauty of the art.


This company wouldn’t exist without the help and implication of certain persons

Thanks to Dominique Hédoux for giving his technical and acrobatic knowledge. The show was therefore even more magical with great performance

Thanks to Saint Jeannet city council and Jean Michel Semperé for allowing the company to dance on the bell tower. They could explore and develop this new art form. The city council of Saint Paul de Vence and Joseph Le Chapelain permitted the realisation of the beautiful “O Sleep” video.

Thank to Roman Janecek, photographer, for his marvellous picture and Joël Gourmelen for the famous “O Sleep” video and “Santa’ sleigh” video

Thank you Amy Blake proposing the show “Moonlight”

Finally a big thanks to everyone who helped the company.

Rêverie Vertical Dance

La compagnie a besoin de soutiens pour poursuivre la création. L’association est reconnue d’intérêt général : les dons sont défiscalisés à 66% pour les particuliers/ 60% pour les entreprises.

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Company based in PACA, Provence Alpes Côtes d’Azur, 06 France. Supported by :