O Sleep


« O sleep, why dost you leave me

O sleep, again deceive me

To my arms, restore my wandering love…”

It’s a dream, in which the love one appears

He carries her, brings her, makes her fly.

They huddle one against the other, in a heart shape

A dream of an extraordinary beauty.

More informations
  • Audience: For All
  • Duration: 3 minutes or 15 minutes if it is a part of “Romeo and Juliette” show
  • For 2 dancers [1]
  • Music: « O sleep» by Handel ; “ Romeo and Juliette” by Berlioz, Prokofiev, Gounod   and Tchaikovsky  for the « Roméo and Juliette » sequence.

[1]Available with a singer and musician.

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