On a full moon evening, where the magic of the lights and shadows are going to enchant a world full of music and stars, dreams and poems, welcoming great artists, inspired by the mysterious star.

Based an a original idea of Amy Blake

It’s a multidisciplinary sensitive and poetic show mixing

Music, comedy, dance, vertical dance and aerial arts.

The show Moonlight gathers O Sleep, Moondance, Nuit d’étoiles, Aile émoi.

  It will spark all senses and generates emotions. To beget an imaginary, but also to bring knowledge about composers, about the texts’ sung or about the history of the scene where the show takes place. A show, which is going to please all crowd, both young and older. It facilitates the access to the lyric singing and the music: the union of the lyric singing to the music, the vertical dance and the aerial art eased the way to emotions. The theatrical interludes procure sense to the music and to the whole show, which also gives ruptures and rhythm that nourish the curiosity of the youngest and bring a slice of humour. Valorisation of the architectural heritage and it can stage the history of the place and the people who lived here: the theatrical sequences can be rewritten in correlation with the place and its history.

More informations

  • All Audience from 4 years old :  the youngest children are captivated by vertical Dance, playing with the bubbles, amazed  by the singing, Their attention is maintained all over the show thanks to the numerous changes of tables, to the interactions of the actor with the audience.
  • Duration  1:30 (the duration is a little bit variable  depending on how long it takes  for dancers to reach the floor and get  back in place for the next  dance. So the exact duration depends on each place)
  • For a singer, a musician, two vertical dancers, an aerial dancer and a comedian. It’s a drawer show, adaptable according budget with more or less artists.

 Mix of classic, jazz, instrumental or sung music

  • « La nuit » ;by Ernst Chausson
  • « Nuit d’Etoiles »; by Claude Debussy
  • « Clair de Lune » ; by Claude Debussy
  • « O Sleep! Why dost thou leave me? »; From the « Semele » Opera by George Frederic Handel
  • « Moonlight Sonata »by Ludwig Van Beethoven
  • « Einekleine Nachtmusik » or «Petite musique de Nuit » (extract) by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 
  • « Sérénade »by Richard Strauss
  • « Chant à la Lune » fromRusalka by Antonin Dvořak
  • « Clair de lune »by Claude Debussypour voix
  • « Die Nacht »or « La nuit »by Richard Strauss
  • « Clair de lune »by Gabriel Fauré
  • « Clair de Lune »by Joseph Szulc
  • « Moonfall » from « TheMystery of Edwin Drood » by Rupert Holmes
  • « Chère nuit »by Alfred Bachelet
  • « Moon River » by Johnny Mercer/Henry Mancinifrom « Diamants sur le canapé »
  • « Blue Moon » by Richard Rodgers/Lorenz Hart
  • « MoonlightSerenade »by Glenn Miller
  • « Moondance »by Michael Bublé
  • « Fly me to the Moon » by Bart Howard
  • « How High the Moon » by Morgan Lewis

Members of the show Moonlight

For this show, the company works in collaboration with:

Amy Blake,

 Soprano lyric singer

Stéphane Eliot


Isabelle Servol

Comedian and director


Rêverie Vertical Dance

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Company based in PACA, Provence Alpes Côtes d’Azur, 06 France. Supported by :