A poetic cocoon

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This choreography is full of sensitivity and poetry: a very slight rocking, slight quivering, great flights of fancy, it takes the audience into a dream. It is in complete osmosis with the music, Debussy’s “Clair de lune”: a small high note and it is a great leap, a return to the low notes, and there are magical undulations of the wings; the connection of the two arts which sublimate each other, multiplies the emotions felt. It is of the order of the marvellous, of the unreal, it awakens an imagination, makes the spectators enter a contemplative state, a moment of peace out of time, a dream.

Back on Earth, the dancers will enveloping in the hollow of their wings, adults, seniors, children, disabled people… Even if the “show” seems finished, there remains a trace of this passage, a trace that we will prolong in union with the audience: like a pebble thrown in the water, creating waves that spread, we will continue the propagation of wonder, ecstasy, stars and smiles by coming to meet the public. Thus, the dancers will invite to live a moment out of time, like the weightlessness generated by the vertical dance…

In the cocoon formed by the wings closed on a person, the dancers will question the imagination that these angels have awakened, question the emotions felt, repeat them, express them, then conclude:

“Let us live our humanity in harmony with each other … between EARTH and SKY.

If the vertical dance sequence is written, the immersive, participative sequence adapts to the place, the theme of the performance, the audience, the organiser’s request… It is an option.

More informations
    • Audience: for all
    • Duration: 10 minutes + 10 to 20 Minutes  for the option on the ground
    • For 1 or 2 dancers [1]
    • Music: « Clair de lune » by Debussy and “Petite musique de nuit” by Mozart and others depending on the thème of the event
    • possible by night , without light spot, but with led lights wings

    [1]Available with a pianist

Rêverie Vertical Dance

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