Whispers of Dreamers

An interactive performance blending music, singing, theater, dance, vertical dance and co-written with the audience.

What are your dreams? What do you dream of contributing to in your life?”


We all have a life project. we all have dreams. However, most people do not realize their true dreams. They think it’s not possible, they don’t believe in it and they don’t give themselves the means. They are prisoners: prisoners of their beliefs, prisoners of their past, prisoners of social pressure, stereotypes in society, prisoners of the judgment of others… prisoners!”

Through my experience, I wish to convey the message that dreams are possible.

“At 18, I dreamt of becoming a dancer. Yet, I had only started dancing at 11—too late, they said. No conservatory training, insufficient technique, limited flexibility, not enough practice, and little experience. It felt like an unattainable, irrational dream. I was confined, trapped within my own beliefs.

But at 45, I discovered vertical dance, and suddenly, time stood still, and I found myself in a state of pure ecstasy. Now, my aspiration is to dance in order to share with you dreamy moments. I aim to amaze, touch, and inspire you, to lead you into dreams, to create a moment that transcends time—a connection beyond the ordinary. I dance not just for myself but for you, to bring serenity to your hearts and peace to our world.

At an age when many dancers retire, their bodies worn and spirits weary, my journey as a dancer takes an unexpected flight. One step at a time, each small stride leads my dream toward fulfilment.

And what about you? What is your dream, and how can you make it a reality?”

Dive deep within ourselves to understand your fears, your wounds, your limiting beliefs. Dive always deeper to break free from the judgment of others and from stereotypes, to shatter the constraints that confine us. Reclaim control over your life. It’s an explosion of freedom, an eruption of energy. We are free to move forward, to explore, to embark, to create, to radiate.

  • All audience
  • Length : 45 minutes
  • With two vertical dancers, one musician, one singer, one actress-singer, and a director
  • Music :”Les gens qui doutent” de Anne Sylvestre ;  “Le spectre de la rose” de Berlioz ; “La valse à mille temps” de Jacques Brel  ; “Mild und  leise” extrait  de “Tristan et Isolde” de Richard Wagner ; “May be this Time” de John Kander and Fred Ebb et les créations de Anna Gruzina au piano.
  • Part of the Cultural Summer 2022, this is the culmination of a creation/transmission residency funded by DRAC PACA, in partnership with the city of Vence, the cultural management of Vence, the Vence Museum, the Vence Cultural Center, and the ‘Les Nuits du Sud’ festival. Theater, singing, and dance workshops were conducted with various audiences, in collaboration with the city’s political service, ISI Montjoie social center, Goutte d’Om, Petit Baou de Nature, LudiBaou, the family pension, as well as day-care centers and retirement homes in the city. 
  • We can perform this show exactly as it was created during this residency, or we can undertake a community-based residency with workshops that may influence the direction of the performance, including the opportunity to involve citizens in the re-creation process… so that each person can pursue their dreams to the fullest.




Rêverie Vertical Dance

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