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Discover vertical dance in schools: 5 classes in Carros (06) will benefit from these workshops from March 9, 2020, in partnership with the forum Jacques Prévert, the sports department of the city of Carros, and national education.

Weekly Class open to all 

Just like climbing, You will be suspended in a harness, but you will not climb, you will fly! You’ll barely be lifted off the floor to dance on the wall! There will be a mixture of good abs, some laughs and a bit of trouble, but above all the pleasure of flying.
    Vertical dance training will cover:
  • the specific work related to the constraints of this discipline: learning to tame the harness and not to sit in it; a work of alignment of the body for consciousness and mastery of horizontality, a work of stabilization of the body despite the transfers of weight and movements, the development of acrobatics in solo , or in duo.
  • a work similar to the creation in contemporary dance but here explored in verticality: we will play on the parameters of the movement, form, space, time, and energy so that movements carry intent and vertical dance remains above all a dance that awakens sensitivity.
  • learning to listen to the music to connect with it and with other dancers.

 from 7 years old, teenagers and adults

Membership: 20€ + 

1 course: 16€/ 10 courses: 150€ / 20 courses: 280€ / 30 courses: 390€

+3 €/price for equipment loan

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Rêverie Vertical Dance

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