custom made creation

You would like an aerial ballet on a specific theme, linked to the history of a character, a place or a building….

Or the place in which you want a show does not seem to be adapted to our existing creations, or even, you do not have a wall to propose ….

Do not hesitate to contact us, we can adapt our creations to your place, we can create for you on all kinds of walls, buildings or natural cliffs, on vertical axes such as trees, palm trees, lampposts, suspended from a helium balloon … outdoors but also indoors suspended under a fixed point, on a zip line, on a pole …

We can therefore adapt to the theme, the place, the spirit of your event and also to your budget!

Here are some examples of our adapted creations:

Creation for the Museum of History and Art of Bormes les Mimosas (MHAB), September 2022


This creation was built for the reopenning of the museum after the installation of the Histopad by the Histovery company that allows  augmented reality visits. Therefore we asked for documentation on the history of the building and the museum itself, the works on display and  the restructuring project.  The various aerial dances alternated with the intervention of a guide. He  told the history. Therefore the show was easily understandable , but above all, artistic, surprising,  and dynamic thanks to the various musics, styles, costumes and use of space. The proposal was submitted to the museum, which corrected the text and made a few suggestions that we used… in order to satisfy the organiser as much as possible!

Mary Wigman’s quote “From constraint comes freedom” takes on its full meaning here: the space, which at first seemed very restrictive with a very small dance surface (4m length of rope by 4m width) pushed us to explore other possibilities: use of the balconies and descent by zip line!  Our dancer Fabio Prieto Bonilla, being also a professional actor, was both a dancer and the guide, which allowed us to create this exceptional dynamic  show with only 2 artists! Most of the costumes were lent by the Opus-Opera association. So we were also able to adapt to the budget!

What they say:

“This fabulous show, created especially for the reopening of the MHAB-Musée d’Histoire et d’Art de Bormes, was an enchantment!  With its creativity, technique and magic, it enchanted the audience who were able to retrace the history of the Museum through this artistic performance”. LAURY MOUROSQUE Head of the MHAB – Museum of History and Art of Bormes & Head of the Cultural Service of Bormes les Mimosas.
“An exceptional dreamlike show of great beauty, tailor-made to narrate the journey through 2400 years of history of the town of Bormes with the HistoPad. Moreover, Isabelle performed the show with the tablet in her hands, which highlighted our product. Her colleague produced an immersive theatrical performance perfectly in keeping with the historical tone of the museum’s inauguration. Well done to them!” Raphaël Marchou, development director of Histovery.

Creation for the Museum of World Explorations in Cannes, Museum Night, May 2022

The museum’s chapel houses a collection of world music instruments, more particularly traditional instruments from the Mediterranean basin and the Orient, a collection that resonates with the instrumentarium of musician Fady Zakar (instruments from the Mediterranean basin-Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Greece, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, and from the more distant Orient-Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Uzbekistan). The audience was lulled by the sounds of the museum’s “untouchable” instruments while marvelling at the vertical dancers twirling on the marvellous tower and moved by the commitment of the young people of Cannes jeunesse dancing or playing music.

It was a project called “C’est mon patrimoine”, financed by the DRAC-PACA to help young people from Cannes discover the heritage of their city and introduce them to art. We wanted to create a link between different cultures, spaces and eras, through the arts and the history of the place: to weave a bridge between the know-how of the builders who defied gravity by constructing the Tower of the museum, and the vertical dancers who defy gravity, thus highlighting this unique vestige which sits on the harbour of Cannes.  We wanted to create a communion, a moment of transmission where medieval architecture, music and dance of oriental inspiration converge in this place of history, where professionals and amateurs unite to create a moment of magic and beauty, out of time: video of Cannes youth.

What they say:

“A beautiful project resulting from the partnership with the Direction de la culture and the support of the DRAC. The result was magical!” Jamal Jarrar, director of  Cannes Youth  department.  “The show was magical, we are delighted.  The pride and happiness of the children really touched me!” Marija Matejcic-Escribe, Fine Arts Collections Officer, cultural mediation manager.

Creation for the event “Sans artifice” in Gattières, March 2022

The commune of Gattières wished to highlight and promote their arboretum, a piece of Mediterranean forest. We had already performed “Dialogue with the invisible” in this place, so we proposed a new creation. Thus was born “Come and save the Nymphs“.

Your spaces inspire us

Our show “Clair de lune” was strongly adapted during our performance in the quarry of Les Taillades: here was born the story of the stone cutter!

Creation for an experimental art festival in Saint-Jeannet in July 2015

An aerial ballet accompanied by the improvised Afro-contemporary music of Jean Baptiste Boussougou.



Rêverie Vertical Dance

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