Aurillac Festival 2019

The choreographer Isabelle Pencreach wishes to touch your heart, move your soul while taking you to a world of pure beauty and dreams, make a smile appear on your face and stars in your eyes.
If the heart is light, the soul rises and the world may be a better place. It’s her humble quest.

Future events  

compagnie reverie danse verticale moondance
compagnie reverie danse verticale donc-d’amour
compagnei reverie danse verticale don d’amour isabelle pencreach

Dance for the musical clip of Bgko


Vertical dance shows with great emotions for all your events
« A wonder, I’m speechless to describe the emotions that come out of what you have just offered! Thank you!» 

« Thanks for this breath-taking show, so beautiful, a present! » 

« Thank you, for this beautiful moment of dream, where the sky seems so close to the earth »

« Magnificent, without a doubt, your guardian angels are supporting you »

« It’s just wonderful and magical, thank you for the stars you put into our eyes »


« Absolutely dazzled by the spiritual lightness» 

Rêverie Vertical Dance

Company based in PACA, Provence Alpes Côtes d’Azur, 06 France